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Surfer Gorilla – a tune dripping in sunshine and political commentary

Surfer Gorilla – music from the heart focussing on performance and culture

Surfer Gorilla, hailing from Colombia, are brought to the show this week by That Jamie leaning toward sounds from his ancestral home. The opening track by Surfer Gorilla features rap artiste Diggis, whom Richard likens to an accountant from North Yorkshire. Richard does apologise for this as it does sound rather disparaging. However, Surfer Gorilla are proving to be something of a hit with the FTBOTRB crew. Both tracks today come from the 2020 LP Dimos Vueltas en el Aire! (We Circled In The Air).

The album is a fantastic mix of Latino sounding short tracks, the whole LP weighing in at only 21 minutes. That being said, it is a solid listen and will definitely transport you to distant shores. Surfer Gorilla really have created a fantastic body of work here. It’s rapidly becoming our barbecue and garden party go to album. If only for the sun drenched vibes and foot tapping trappy drum beats.

Stand out track for this Record Box Recommendation would have to be You Got That Bounce. All the tracks are short on this LP, but this one has such a ’70s vibe and infectious groove, it really stands out. A track to start your party and get the cocktails flowing nicely. The whole record involves aspects of politics, life, the legalisation of drugs and nature, so a pretty eclectic mix. All the tracks on the album were written and recorded in Colombia’s lockdown. Prepared for the worst, hoping for the best. If you want an honest proposal, made with the heart and a lot of love and the greatest vibes in the world, then give these two gorillas a listen.

This week’s playlist

  1. Wake Up! (feat. Diggis) Surfer Gorilla
  2. Poppy The Edgar Broughton Band
  3. No Culture Scott Stevenson
  4. Heavy Smoke Jerico
  5. The Stranger Tag Day
  6. Habit Creature Töth
  7. Only Hours Roam Jaromil Sabor
  8. Volamos perro Surfer Gorilla

Jaromil Sabor’s new LP

In January 2020, Jaromil Sabor finished recording his new album (released January 15th 2021). It was a long process and when the first lockdown happened (in March 2020). Jaromil made the most of it by writing and recording another album within a fairly short time.

The result is ‘The Sun Inside’. The record features seven new songs and three alternate versions of tracks from previous albums. ‘Astral Army’ and ‘Sabordage’ from Second Science, ‘The Sun Don’t Shine on My
’ from La Santa Roja.

Jaromil Sabor’s sound evolved over the years. Borrowing from garage, psych-influenced rock and lo-fi pop to hone his talent for bright melodies. ‘The Sun Inside’ is a collection of intimate draydreams. Readily floating on a delicate and heartwarming folk orchestration, ideal for anyone looking for a place in the sun.

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