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The Zipheads pick a pocket or two rockabilly and punk style

The Zipheads hailing from Jamie’s home town of St Albans provide us with the rarest of beasts – a cover that is way…

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Godcaster finally get their debut LP out of the traps

Godcaster, cult-like psych-rockers and firm devotees of Judson Kolk, spill out their nightmarish vision onto the unsuspecting masses. Unsurprisingly pressed to red vinyl…

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The Music Discovery Podcast comes to the climax of Season I

★★★★★ Season II live in … Welcome to the finale of Season I of From the Bottom of the Record Box – The…

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Sunglass Moustache – we drop the needle on debut LP

Sunglass Moustache have literally just released their groundbreaking debut LP. Complex yet simple listening at the same time. This band of, how can…