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Tapeworms deliver a unique and captivating debut LP

Tapeworms, bedroom shoegaze fused with J-pop and video games bring us a new release on Howlin’ Banana Records. Straight out of France. After releasing a couple of home-recorded EPs to a modicum of critical acclaim, Tapeworms are back with debut LP. This new offering certainly extends their range of influences. We play their eponymously titled single on the show today.

Typographical errors, mythical drugs and the mastermind behind some of Elvis‘ best known songs. That’s Tobin’s contribution this week. TTRRUUCES are not only every spell-checker’s worst nightmare, they are also our bookend artiste this week. Plenty of noise to twist your ears around here. Plus the Bob Ross of rock ‘n’ roll drops in.

Along with Tapeworms, Richard brings us new music from Leeds in the North of England. Nope, it’s not Silverlode again, instead it’s three piece People Soup with their current track Rosemary. And after all that, we’ve got two back to back anger management tracks. Both heavy contenders for belligerent track of the month award.

  1. I’m Alive TTRRUUCES
  2. Tapeworms Tapeworms
  3. The Swimming Pool Song Laura Jane Grace
  4. Tai Time Tai Pari Hatea Kapa Haka
  5. Poor Boy Boogie Mac Davis
  6. Rosemary People Soup
  7. Lost Boy TTRRUUCES

Tapeworms – darlings of the French music scene

Tapeworms was formed in Lille, north of France, by Margot Magnières and two brothers, Théo and Elliot Poyer.

After having released a couple of home-recorded EPs, these quickly established the band as one of the most exciting newcomers in the French Shoegaze scene. The trio settled in the youth cultural center of their hometown during the summer of 2018. Thereafter writing what would become their debut album, Funtastic. The atmosphere of the place provided a perfect environment, full of vivid colors, gym mats and hoops. It’s a welcome return to their roots, which gave them the confidence they needed to steer away from the usual bass, guitar & drums formula. This new sound extends their influences in unusual directions, such as J-Pop or video game soundtracks.

The title of the album, Funtastic, symbolizes their search for new horizons. The album turns noisy pop songs into electronic music, and brings rock songs into experimental playgrounds, slowing down the pace when needed with beautiful synth-pop lullabies. With this album, Tapeworms convey forgotten self-promises, and bet on a brighter future. Funtastic was released on September 25th via Howlin’ Banana Records & Cranes Records in France. Also, Coypu Records in Italy, and Testcard Records in Japan.

Palm Reading – Current single release

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