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The Black Armadillos launch a heavy assault on us

The Black Armadillos are a rock duo from Genoa, Italy. The band was formed in 2019 by vocalist/guitarist Santo Castagnaro and drummer Maurizio Nuzzi. With sounds heaped in fuzz and reverb it’s reminiscent of garage rock revival bands like The Black Keys and The White Stripes. Secondly, there are bigger influences at work here like Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

The Black Armadillos have released a self-titled 8 track LP to wax and here at Record Box HQ we are very much looking forward to it landing in our crates. The lyrics are written in English (the language of rock ‘n’ roll if Wolf City is to be believed) and are predominantly about everyday life, dreamlike experiences, love, money etc. The sound is strong and highly processed to compensate for the lack of bass player. You can find out more here.

This week’s playlist

  1. I Feel Electric The Black Armadillos
  2. Sweet Touch Of Love The Coal Miners
  3. Orfeu Mokina
  4. Sad But True Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit
  5. Drive Mista Trick, Elle & The Pocket Belles
  6. Inayaat Arooj Aftab
  7. Trouble So Hard Amythyst Khia & Her Chest Of Glass
  8. Give Me Something The Black Armadillos

Back in business for Season IV with The Black Armadillos

What better way to kick off a new season than with I Feel Electric by Italian two-pice The Black Armadillos? This stomper of a song is the perfect antidote to commercial radio A list playouts. With more than a nod to the psychedelia movement of the late 60s and beyond, this music suddenly feels fresh, vibrant and alive. Far from slavish plagiarism, it’s abound with vitality and a completely confident and contemporary take on past masters. We predict big things from Santo and Maurizio in the future and are already looking forward to featuring more of their catalogue right here. So stay tuned to the best music discovery podcast to get the very latest from this exciting new band. Perhaps Italy’s greatest export other than tiramisu and football?

Moving on, there is so much more in today’s show. Jamie revisits Amythyst Khia of Our Native Daughters fame with an instantly recognisable cover and Tobin is also seemingly unable to move on from past love affairs. No, not Harmony Byrne this time, but the remarkable talents of Pakistani singer and musician Arooj Aftab. Spooky kids divide the studio with Mokina and the nightmarish vision that is Orfeu and even Jason Isbell manages to cram his massive listener figures into the show. There’s so much more in the show, and proof that it much better to listen to music than to write about! See you next week.

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