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The Cool Greenhouse – meet Tom Greenhouse

The Cool Greenhouse is very much our enigmatic bedroom project this week. It’s a double dose of obtuse lyrics and minimalism. Listen on to the delightful repetition and simplicity. It’s a heady mix and one that is infectious and rewarding, you’ll never be quite the same again. We’ve got political and social commentary with the beautiful alteration of Joe Purdy’s emotive and reflective Cairo Walls.

Our Listener Recommendation this week comes from a gentleman who has already aired on the show. Yes, it’s Fraser from Bolton again with more social commentary from The Humdrum Express. Guru provides us with an opportunity to spin some vinyl in the studio this week. Tobin hits us with the dance classic by Suzy Q and of course our bookend artist this week. Emma Elisabeth opens and closes the show for us.

Track Listing

  1. What A Waste Emma Elisabeth
  2. Leopard Print Onesie The Humdrum Express
  3. Get On Up And Do It Again Suzy Q
  4. Never No Time To Play Guru – played off the vinyl
  5. Cairo Walls Joe Purdy
  6. Cardboard Man The Cool Greenhouse
  7. Pilot Emma Elisabeth

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The Cool Greenhouse

Unusual bedroom recording music from Tom Greenhouse, The Cool Greenhouse’s Cardboard Man comes off of the Crap Cardboard Pet EP. Firstly, the electronic simplicity and repetition threatens to ditch listeners with a short attention span within seconds. But wait… there’s more here than that. With tons of miniature soundbites all craving your attention day after day I can see why people would leave this. However, when repetition and irony are this good then we can take it for hours.

It’s all getting withered down to cope with our lack of attention. For instance, Tobin revealed recently on the show that music is no being structured for Instagram listeners. Songs are now being crammed into only sixty seconds. Secondly, Tom’s obvious adoration of Mark E Smith shines through here. His vocal delivery and acerbic look at the monotony of modern life show. We recommend The Cool Greenhouse as an antidote to the more commercial musical tosh that is regularly dished up and greedily consumed by the lost.

You can get a listen at Chris E here too…

Recent hook-up and chance encounter Chris E has good vibes coming at ‘ya. I recently bumped into Chris in local record store x-records and his radio show has been a hit with us here at FTBOTRB ever since. Listen on Reform Radio or catch up with some of his eclectic soundscapes below. Chris is just our sort of person, his listening is wide, his appreciation deep and his understanding without prejudice. Do yourself a favour and go listen. What he and Pablo are creating is a beautiful thing.

The Humdrum Express

Here’s what Will Munn from Rhythm & Booze had to say about The Humdrum Express.

Having recently been championed by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6Music. As well as performing with the likes of John Cooper Clarke, TV Smith, Miles Hunt and more, Ian Passey returns under the Humdrum Express monicker with another slice of biting, observational acoustic wit, poetically lamenting everyday life in a somewhat unique and infectious manner.

Double Edged Swords sees Ian return to what he does best. Choppy (almost acoustic ska) , upbeat acoustic guitar and a contagious melodic punk crooning. A collection of one liners such as the instantly infectious hook of…

just when you think things maybe going your way, you realise you can’t win. It’s like being offered a slot on later with Jools. As along as you let him join in

The short, spritely ode will have you nodding in agreement, smiling knowingly and singing a-long with glee, as Ian laments former Arsenal striker, Alan Smith, Roy Chubby Brown fans and the humble supermarket bag packer as Ian once again soundtracks life’s ups and downs with an addictive, knowing nod and a wink.

Ian Passey is one of life’s great musical commentators, a singer-songwriter that never fails to deliver, whether you’re a long standing fan or a Humdrum Express newbie, I urge you to seek out his rather essential new single Double Edged Swords.

Joe Purdy – Cairo Walls

We considered the brilliant social commentary that is Cairo Walls by the talented US singer/songwriter Joe Purdy today. It references the graffiti on the walls in the great city of Cairo. Here is an article by Soraya Morayef for The National UAE edition.

Cairo’s walls of graffiti trace history of a colourful revolution

I like to think of street art as having the ability to reshape space, reconstruct reality and provide an alternative to the sobering reality we live in.

A street artist once told me: “Graffiti is the one tangible thing we have gained from the revolution,” and I agree with him.

Over the past 18 months, since graffiti began to appear on walls around Egypt during the January 25 uprising, street art has evolved into a scene of diverse styles, inspirations, methods and characters. While it is still perceived by many Egyptians to be “pointless scribbling” on the walls, Egyptian graffiti has garnered international attention and recognition.

Today, many of the artists that I have followed and whose work I have photographed over the past year have exhibited their work in international art galleries. They have been commissioned for magazine cover art and have given lectures and been featured in documentaries about their work.

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