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The Toy Trucks bring us a fine ol’ taste of Memphis cynicism

The Toy Trucks rockets bells and poetry

The Toy Trucks have a new LP out next week. We’ve been lucky enough to have been granted access to a track or two before its release on September 6th. It’s Jeremy Scott’s brainchild and these ageing rockers are stirring up Memphis in the US. The Mama Cass inspired LP title is a precursor to a much awaited release. However, The Toy Trucks is not our only pre-release this week. Secondly to their track we have a bookend (and pre-release) from Vivian Girls. Join your resident hosts, Tobin and Richard, and The Toy Trucks, and Vivian Girls and other great artistes.

Shovels and Rope bring us round to Birmingham. Tobin discusses his recent work in The Bearded Pig forge where he discussed with ironmonger Spike the respective talents of Shovels and Rope, The Devil Makes Three, Caamp et al. Importantly, Spike has a cracking Listener Suggestion for us in a fortnight’s time so listen out for that. Talkboy is Wasting Time and results in some discussion about movies Richard hasn’t seen. Coincidentally, so does our double and final Woodstock homage this week.

Slaves make a return to the show with track 1 off side 2 of the famously limited edition 4-track EP. We don’t play it from the vinyl, however, as Richard is coveting the unopened vinyl package with fervent determination. It’s a strange old affair this track in comparison to the punk rock thrasher we had last week. We think you’ll be surprised, nay, amazed. Weird Milk is our New Music Shot on today’s show. You could have heard direct upon its release a few weeks ago here.

Woodstock – the final journey

This week, our final nod to the legendary Woodstock festival, now celebrating its 50th anniversary, we pull up two tracks. Firstly, the enigmatic Sha Na Na both parody and yet resurrect interest in the 1950s music scene. Secondly, ’60s icon and all-round gentle human being John B. Sebastian seems to eloquently add the closing notes to the decade. Sha Na Na were the penultimate performance at Woodstock, playing early on the Monday morning, August 18th. A short 30 minute set from 7:30am to 8:00am that ushered in the now legendary performance from Jimi Hendrix. Less than a year later Jimi was dead and his death signalled an end to the euphoria and hope of a generation and a close on the ’60s.

  1. Dance (If You Wanna) Vivian Girls
  2. At The Hop Sha Na Na
  3. Wasting Time Talkboy
  4. The Velvet Ditch Slaves
  5. Honey I’m Around Weird Milk
  6. I’m On The Dish But I ain’t No Rag The Toy Trucks
  7. Rainbows All Over Your Blues John B. Sebastian
  8. Sick Vivian Girls

The Toy Trucks – the lowdown

The Toy Trucks are collectively 180+ years old and are fueled by equal parts cheap beer, cheap thrills and Cheap Trick. Over the band’s multi-year existence, songwriter/leader Jeremy Scott (ex-Reigning Sound) has developed an “anything but another crappy love song” ethos which has resulted in the songs on the band’s first full-length, Rockets Bells and Poetry. Over the course of said album, the band (Scott, guitarist Dylan Cranmer, bassist Ryno Hanson and drummer Steve Barnat) prove conversant with, among other things, Rascals-like blue-eyed grooves (Don’t Be So Easy), grisly true crime balladry (57 Bayview), updated Del Shannonesque psychodrama (Hot Tears) and honest flat out rock and roll (I’m on the Dish But I Ain’t No Rag). As both a stand-alone statement and a teaser for the band’s revved up live show, Rockets Bells and Poetry should satisfy anyone’s rock/garage/power-pop itch quite nicely.

We stole the title from Mama Cass Elliott

Jeremy Scott

What does FTBOTRB think of The Toy Trucks?

Here at Record Box HQ we’ve been eagerly awaiting this release to arrive and there is only a week left now. We’ve been treated to this pre-release and have consumed it with gusto. The band’s enthusiasm shines through on the track I’m On The Dish But I Ain’t No Rag. It’s far from contrived and over-produced, displaying the trademark Black & Wyatt touch of honesty and purity that seems to accompany every new release from the label.

The guitar has a definite nod to the great Wilko Johnson but the song has an overall American feel. Scott’s vocals cut straight through the noise and this track is in fifth gear right off the bat. It’s a brilliant introduction to what is sure to be a must-have full length LP. You can go pre-order the record here and you’ll be treated to a few more songs off the LP early – like right now! What are you waiting for?

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