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Tochiro is an experimental project straight out of western Pennsylvania

Tochiro is a project by a dude from Pennsylvania who felt sad and is still sad but at least he doesn’t drink anymore. Furthermore, his debut 5 track EP The Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll Death has landed. It is limited to a run of 50 cassettes and you can buy your copy here. The cassette release of the EP also comes with an exclusive commentary about the recording. Jacob Campbell (guitars, vox, bass) and Danielle J Gallardo (drums) make up this band with an uncompromising and difficult to pin down sound. Jacob says of the debut EP:

These songs have languished in my head and amongst shoddy recordings for 6 or 7 years. After finally acquiring enough equipment, borrowing some instruments from a good friend, and hiring some exceptionally talented people, these songs have reached a point where I feel confident sharing them with you.

Tochiro is the brainchild of Jacob, who claims himself that “I am not a good person”. Here at Record Box HQ we can disprove this as Jacob is offering you a free download of the new Tochiro EP. All you have to do is email him telling him you have no money and he’ll mail you back a download code. See? He’s a nice guy.

This week’s playlist

  1. I Am Steve Hey Steve
  2. Reasons To Be Anxious Pinch Points
  3. Shine A Light On Me Brother Robert Jon & The Wreck
  4. Hate Brought Me Love Tochiro
  5. Midnight Wine Shannon and The Clams
  6. Keep Your Money Bikini Boscombe Collective
  7. Lilly New Fries
  8. Queen Of The Silver City Glassio
  9. London Swings Hey Steve

Tochiro in his own words

Tochiro is a Western PA emo/math rock/pop punk/whatever band consisting of the fat dude smashing the guitar in this video (Jacob Campbell). I hired some amazing drummer (Danielle J. Gallardo) because friendship is a flimsy basis for being productive and creative. This music has stuck around on my heart and on unfinished for years. It is finally time to share them with the world, and it comes with both apprehension and relief. I hope you like it.

Bikini Boscombe Collective

Founded by Sam Scarratt in the unusual ‘lockdown’ summer of 2020. The Bikini Boscombe Collective are a collaboration of musicians and close friends from the South Coast of the UK. It is creating what has been describe as ‘underwater’ indie rock music. The song Keep Your Money is about a common feeling at the time. That early twenties limbo where you’re not sure what you or what the world is doing and time is going by far quicker than you can process.

The opening lyric ‘keep your money I want my time back’ was something I said to a good friend of mine after an awful week at work. This inspired the song and became a way of me expressing my feelings on the mundane day to day struggle. Once I had created the shell of the track (chord progression, lyrics and structure), I sent it to various friends. I was encouraging them to add extra instrumental layers and then pieced it all together about 6 months later. Those involved are all really special to me, as is this track. I hope we can do it again when the time is right. 

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