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Turnstyles debut LP drops on our Memphis Special

Turnstyles‘ debut LP on vinyl from Black and Wyatt Records is our focus of attention this week. We declare the show a Memphis Special. The surf-psych garage punk duo from Memphis pull the rug out from under our feet. They prove that after the death of The White Stripes that there is certainly still life in the guitar and drum duo outfit. In these days of international lockdown we are certainly looking at the intended launch party for this excellent debut LP being cancelled. We are fervent supporters of independent musicians here at Record Box HQ and would urge all our listeners to go preorder the vinyl here and help support these vibrant musicians and their label.

Apart from the obvious connection to Memphis in this week’s show we do have other music from Tobin, and the introduction of Brooke Bentham is a welcome surprise. Her unique vocal delivery belies her South Shields ancestry, however, she’s destined for stardom were sure.

Further to Brooke Bentham and friends of the show Fingers Like Saturn, Tobin features New Music from Khruangbin and Leon Bridges which fails to delight Richard despite its credentials as important and essential listening. What is Richard’s problem with this track? Listen on to find out. Tobin manages to redress the balance with Bullion and the weird soundscape from Vanishing Twin. Apparently he’s willing to share his vinyl with Richard, a sentiment that is most certainly not reciprocated.

  1. Cut You Off Turnstyles
  2. All My Friends Are Drunk Brooke Bentham
  3. Some Kind Of Monster Fingers Like Saturn
  4. Texas Sun Khruangbin & Leon Bridges
  5. Magician’s Success Vanishing Twin
  6. Hula Bullion
  7. Vivian Turnstyles
  8. You Might Think I’m Happy Turnstyles

Turnstyles – let’s learn a little more

Cut You Off is the debut album for Turnstyles with Seth Moody on guitar and Graham Winchester on the drums. Moody and Winchester play together in the Jack Oblivian Band, Cassette Set, and many other projects. However, as a high-energy duo they specifically explore surf rock, psych rock, and classic rock n’ roll.  Graham’s 1st cousin once removed was the great Jesse Winchester and his day job is tour guide at the legendary Sun Studio. Seth moved from Wilmington, North Carolina for the Rock and Roll in 2016 after a brief stop over in Tennessee’s other music city, memorialized on the album’s first track – Cashville. Due to the coronavirus pandemic there will be no in-person release show for Cut You Off on 4/17/2020.

What does this debut LP from Turnstyles sound like to us?

This noisy, raucous debut from Memphis rock out duo Turnstyles has certainly made an impression on us at Record Box HQ. It follows a certain lineage that presents itself regularly in the current Memphis music scene. It also departs from Tennessee and heads further west. There are certainly psychedelic and surf-rock undertones here but without the sickly sweet vocal harmonics. Both Seth Moody and Graham Winchester manage to pull together and deliver some authentic and refreshingly news sounds here. It’s all interspersed with a certain amount of comedy.

Turnstyles manage to deliver a punk-duo package which fulfils the criteria without being offensive or aggressive. Grab a beer, invite your Mom over for Sunday lunch and remind her of the music she was so afraid would infect you and send you off the rails in the late ’60s and early ’70s. This is really the beauty of Turnstyles‘ first full length offering. It’s off the radar enough to deliver punch drunk punk vibes. It’s also humorous and friendly. It’s music that dares to be different and demand attention, but it won’t leave you feeling like you’ve just had an audience with GG Allin.

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