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Tyler Keith, his 13th – new LP from Black & Wyatt Records

tyler keith

Tyler Keith has a new LP floating around in the musical ether and we have managed to take a listen. And it’s awesome, as is to be expected. Comes as it does from Memphis musician championing Black and Wyatt Records this new LP is something of a reminiscent revelation. One foot in the past and one foot in the future. Alongside The Toy Trucks it’s up there with our favourite releases from this excellent Memphis label. Besides Tyler Keith, we have New Music from The Landing, news of Harmony Byrne’s new LP and we go back to Philadelphia once again. Oh, and Tobin plays a Scottish bloke.

  1. Don’t You Love Me No More Henry Priestman
  2. Bad Blood Working Men’s Club
  3. If I Needed You Harmony Byrne
  4. Billion, with a B The Landing
  5. …With Our Backs To The Sun Scott Stevenson
  6. The Last Drag Tyler Keith
  7. At The End Of The Day Henry Priestman

Tyler KeithThe Last Drag, the latest from Black & Wyatt Records, Memphis, Tennessee USA

Tyler Keith lets you know exactly what sort of a journey lies ahead in the very opening bars of You Can’t Go Home Again, the kick off track on this LP. The gutsy guitar in a constant fist fight with the percussion sets the stage for much of the record. It’s unashamedly American in sound too, with much emphasis on the expected themes: teenage romance, broken hearts, angst, loneliness etc. And this thirteenth album from Tyler Keith has more surprises up its sleeve.

Three tracks in and the cowboy-esque Shame, Lies and Cruelty brings Mexican-tinged vibes and plaintive, lonesome vocals. It’s reminiscent of 50s and 60s movies when the bandolier-sporting protagonist would suddenly burst into song. After this small departure from the main aural landscape the LP reverts to type, and carries on delivering American sounds of yesteryear. It sounds simple and it is, but that in itself is a great recommendation. The far-away reverbed guitars and nods the The Cramps and other garage bands along the way only add to the authenticity of this recording. Tyler Keith wraps up the LP with the track Have You Ever Gone Insane? which is surely a reflection of The Velvet Underground’s possibly best loved song Heroin. It’s remarkably similar to just a small slice of that majestic track. There is much similarity here, but the ever-present horns and Tyler Keith’s direct vocal delivery very away from that. The best ting to do is grab a fridge full of cold beer, open the windows and treat the neighbours to some awesome rock ‘n’ roll. After all, we can’t all live in Memphis.

Ultimately – what do we think of the latest offering from Tyler Keith?

Immersed in a world far away from lockdown UK isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact it’s wondrous. Tobin had a brilliant point about the track The Last Drag. He remarked that it had smatterings of doo top in there, and he’s quite right. And that sort of sums up Tyler Keith’s 13th LP. It’s certainly steeped in the past, but he’s dragging it into the future, without bastardising it out of recognition, or over producing it. The Last Drag is a fine listen, and will wheel you away to times gone by, and remind you that there are still musicians making new music that constitutes essential listening.

There is a problem, however. Due to current COVID-19 lockdown regulations, Tyler Keith’s newest offering hasn’t been pressed to wax yet. Such a shame as this would make an excellent addition to any discerning listener’s collection.

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