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Wax Time Special – it’s an all vinyl 45rpm play today

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Welcome to our Wax Time Special where we play all vinyl today, and all at 45rpm – that is except for Tobin’s new music shot. We’ve got some cracking vinyl to play you today, and it was a difficult decision to make. We listened to countless vinyl records in preparation for this show, and many were left out of the final cut. However, it’s not all bad news. Firstly, we saved some of the vinyl that didn’t cut it and we produced some exclusive content featuring a few of those. Read on to find out more. Secondly, we enjoyed making the premium content so much, and we have tons more vinyl that was left out, we’re probably going to do another, if not more, highlighting those.

Everything here is from the late ’80s onward, so we haven’t even really plumbed the depths of the vinyl heyday. Because of this, we’ve got stacks more vinyl in the can. So there’s more to come. As Tobin hinted at in the show, he’s got mountains of 78s in his collection. In fact, we believe Tobin is the only serious shellac collector in London. He curates an enormous collection. As a result of this, it’s looking like a Shellac Time Special is on its way.

Track Listing

  1. Nothing Is W.H. Lung
  2. Find Time To Be Yourself SExpress
  3. Hey! I Don’t Want That Anyway AKA Lui
  4. Heroin The Velvet Underground
  5. Cuddly Toy (Extended Play) Roachford
  6. Speeding Motorcycle Daniel Johnston & Yo La Tengo

45 Also Rans – from the cutting room floor

Hey! Thanks for listening, we had a lot of fun putting this episode together and there’s more. There’s no way you can put together a show like this without ending up with some “also rans”. And we did have some contenders that didn’t make the cut for the main show. You can find out what these were in this exclusive mini-show hosted by Richard.

Vinyl. Why?

That’s a great question – and one that deserves an answer. We like to use the analogy of cinema and TV. Whilst it’s great to watch a movie on TV it doesn’t measure up to a cinematic experience. And so it os the same with vinyl. Listening to or streaming MP3 is great, and the sound quality is excellent but it doesn’t have the theatre of pulling a record out of the sleeve and playing it on your trusty turntable.

Add to that the record artwork, coloured vinyl if your lucky and the warm tones and surface noise that accompanies it and you’ve got yourself a fantastic experience. Nothing gives us more pleasure here than having a dig about in the crates and pulling out a long lost nugget and giving it a spin. Add a nice bottle of Cahors into the mix and you’re nearing nirvana. We love to play vinyl on the show, so if you’re new to us, why not take a listen at another vinyl episode here.

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