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Wesley Bennett has grown up and he’s live from God’s own house

Wesley Bennett joins us on today’s show with a live performance from Saint Peter’s Church together with pianist and cellist. It’s a stunning performance, full of emotion and truth with a smattering of heartbreak. Having spoken to Wesley he mentioned that he was actually quite nervous about performing some of these songs because of that raw emotion. His fear was that an audience wasn’t yet ready to be exposed to something laid so excrutiatingly bare. Without doubt though, it was clearly a massive success. And as Richard points out… “Wesley has grown up.”

Wesley Bennett comes of age

Of course Richard doesn’t mean that in a derogatory way, it is more a compliment of Wesley’s journey to get here. We’ve been watching Wesley Bennett with interest since his very early recording days. The recent addition of piano and cello is a very welcome turn of events and has matured Wesley’s sound so much. In actual fact, they are the perfect match to the simple, honest, heart on sleeve sound that is the trademark of Wesley’s music. And this performance is a clear sign of the progression in song writing that Wesley is so obviously on. Although we have played this particular song before on From the Bottom of the Record Box, this new arrangement brings a fresh angle and is much more emotive. And of course the setting is perfectly matched acoustically to this trio of excellent musicians. No surprise then that Wesley is currently in discussion with a record label about his forthcoming new LP. Wesley Bennett: one to watch? For sure. God is in the house.

This week’s playlist

  1. Spectacol Telyscopes
  2. Left Behind Scarecrow Blues Hip Hop
  3. See You In The Dusk Zhaoze
  4. Jersey City Golden Vessel & Rei So La
  5. Bones In The Ocean The Longest Johns
  6. Man You Need (live) Wesley Bennett
  7. Change Of Pace Andy Frasco and the UN
  8. 18 Cigarettes Ducks Ltd.
  9. Metamorphosis Telyscopes

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