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Ben – Wolf City – Paris France

I’m very grateful to you and Tobin for what you did for Wolf City. Many people I know started to consider my music seriously because you broadcast it in the show. And it continues. So, thank you one more time for the trust you put in my music


Your latest ‘cast is pretty good I have to say. Yer whole intro and indeed the way both of you present is great. Yer still a fuckgibbon, mind.

Robert – Black & Wyatt Records USA

These guys love records and have a fantastic podcast. We thoroughly enjoy their entertaining commentary and the music they play. Plus they have been super supporters of Black and Wyatt Records. Add them to your Podcast app. You’ll be glad you did!

Chris E – Manchester UK

Gonna enjoy working through the shows. Listened to most of last weeks as I couldn’t quite get this weeks around 11. Just seen this weeks on Spotify and giving it whirl now. Ms Pope sounds beautiful. The whole thing has been a tonic for my ears. Lovely selections. I love the brutal honesty from you both. No punches pulled on if you like something or not. It’s almost combative.

Marcus – The Suncharms – Sheffield UK

Enjoying the podcasts on tunein – got the 9/3/19 one at the moment. I love both of your insightful words and the friendship and banter between you both that seeps through. Love it cheers. Pirate music from the show above new to me but great.

Will – Kingston UK

Just started listening to the podcast. Very good. White Denim followed by Dark Dark, thumbs up. Think I’ve found my new podcast to run to.

Alex – London, Instagram everyonesplaylist

I’m genuinely enjoying the show, it’s helping the commute. Just listening to Stewball. We will give you guys a shout out on the story. Great work lads.

Jerry G – Norway

Great show guys! Duster Bennett was an excellent harmonica player with a similar style to John Mayall whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a couple times. Using a harp brace is a totally different technique in which you have to have a very good vibrato to compensate for the loss of hand work, which he does! I’m looking forward to sending over the Harp song which I have composed for you guys this week.

Jamie – UK

I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING – I love listening to great music suggestions that come from both the two of you and your other listeners. Seriously, I listen to music due to work and study for a minimum of 6 hours a day so new (or old) music of quality that comes to me is well loved and your show does that in droves, again, thank you both.

Pete – UK

Hi guys, my friend played me a couple of your episodes today and I very much enjoyed it! He asked if I have any recommendations and so here are a few which you may enjoy and hopefully will play!

I could get carried away here so I’ll stop myself now, hope you guys enjoy and I may send a few more in if these are well received! Thanks for the excellent podcast, I look forward to the next episode!

Andrew – Drill Down Media, Los Angeles, USA

I saw you recently featured Laura Jean Anderson‘s song “Silence Won’t Help Me Now” – we are Laura Jean Anderson‘s PR company, so just touching base to say thanks for the support! Would love to keep you posted on what she’s up to and others from our roster.

JP Paulsen – Norway

Hi there! Thank you so very much for such nice review of St Mary – and for making such a great podcast! The way you guys were interacting with each other was very inviting and made the show enjoyable and entertaining from beginning to end, and had me as a listener feel like we were sitting around the same dining table having an interesting conversation. I’ve been having a couple of weeks off of social media, but I’ll prepare a post to give you guys a shoutout 🙂

Nasser – Bolton, UK

Hello chaps, well done been listening past few days really enjoying the selection.

Duncan – Hertfordshire, UK

Now thats one great playlist guys really awesome. Hats off to you. Especially as I don’t need to hear you two drone on, just really great music

Lesley – Lesley Z Media, Los Angeles, USA

I’m Savannah Pope’s publicist. Savannah wanted me to make sure you have her upcoming single “Daddy Issues” due out this Friday.

Fraser – Bolton, UK

I’ve now followed the page on Facebook and subscribed to the show. It’s genuinely very well put together and I can see why record labels are getting in touch. So far it’s been a great listen, with a few interesting finds along the way – takes me right back to listening to John Peel of an evening and finding some undiscovered gems.

Avenda – Devon, UK

Podcast heaven. Just love it. Music is epic, which is good, but your voice is like slow black treacle Tobin.

David – Walton Summit, Preston, UK

I’ve had a listen to your show. I’ve listened to the first three in full and have heard bits of a couple of the others; I’ll listen on. As a result, I’ve discovered St Paul & The Broken Bones (very Al Green) and it spurred me on to dig out some of my old Gomez. Really still scratching my head how McAlmont & Butler squeezed onto the show. I’ll make a recommendation soon. Keep up the good work!

Jordan – Sheffield, UK

Hello, love the show; it is on automatic download. Looking forward to the next episodes and upcoming music.

Abril – Spain

I’ve listened to your music podcast, and I have to say I really like it, you and Richard seem to have a lot of complicities. So I attach you a song I recorded with Minerva, my band back home. It’s one of the songs I’m most proud of. It’s about Alzheimer’s and it’s called I’m Free. I hope you like it.