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Wolf City are our focus in this week of Euro lockdown

Wolf City manage to break free from the European mainland despite the current lockdown status – and we are on board. A Parisian musician par excellence. Read on to learn more about this experimental, genre-busting musical outfit from the suburbs of Paris. We cherish our relationship with all our French brothers and sisters and Wolf City are a perfect example of this. We’ll be firm friends forever now and very much relish hearing what Wolf City has to offer in the future.

The sound of the guitar, the voice of Kim Gordon… It turned me upside down.

Ben, Wolf City

Tobin brings an amazing bookend artiste to the show this week in Ezra Furman. The next Justin Beiber? Hardly. Ezra shares his Lousy Connection with us as his opening gambit. It leaves us looking forward to the back of the show to hear more from him. Leaving show protocol behind Tobin plays Ezra Furman and The Golden Age of TV (New Music Shot) back to back. He scores pretty highly with Me, You and A Dog which leads nicely into an explosive set from Janus Stark and lead axeman Gizz Butt.

Janus Stark – an intimate performance despite the blistering guitar solos

Richard waxes lyrical about his recent intimate gig with Janus Stark as part of their tour to promote their latest LP. Presented on flame red vinyl and signed by all four members of the band, our copy is nestled nicely in the studio crates here at Record Box HQ. To see more from this amazing performance go sign up as a Patron of the show. You’ll gain exclusive access to more FTBOTRB content and footage, plus your very own New Music mini-show once a week!

Tobin passes of disco as something else, or tries to. Richard introduces us to the tragic and beautiful Vic Chesnutt. So, whilst we are globally on lock down and self-isolating take the time to catch up with the show and ready yourself for more of the same next week.

  1. Lousy Connection Ezra Furman
  2. Me, You and A Dog The Golden Age of TV
  3. Clique Janus Stark
  4. Cutty Sark Vic Chesnutt
  5. The Company Wolf City
  6. Fallin’ in Love The Markley Band
  7. Restless Year Ezra Furman

Wolf City – let’s learn a bit more

Wolf City is a one-man band based in the western suburbs of Paris. 

At the age of 15, Ben, the man behind Wolf City, discovered the music of The Kinks. His older brother’s friend lent him Lola vs. Powerman and the Moneygoround. And so Ben fell in love with the music of the sixties. 

Wolf City’s original revelation was the double discovery of Number One Cup’s Wrecked by Lions and Sonic Youth’s LP, A Thousand Leaves.

Ben remembers, “I was in a mall, there were CD’s in free listening. I put headphones on and Contre le Sexism started. The sound of the guitar, the voice of Kim Gordon… It turned me upside down. Then I listened to Sunday and Female Mechanic Now On Duty and my life had changed. I remembered thinking: so you can do that with a guitar! I started to play music for real.”

The project started in 2014 as a wild garage rock band with a touch of noise. The first two LPs, Mad Dog and Radio Friendly, testify to that. Wolf City’s sound evolved and reached maturity with the third LP, Total Recall, a kaleidoscopic collection of songs from hard-core to experimental noise. It’s an album about the change that closes Wolf City’s first period.  

Three years and three LPs in for Wolf City

Finance, globalization and cyberpunk are the main themes of Hardwired (2017), the fourth LP. It is inspired by William Gibson & Neal Stephenson’s reading through the prism of the subprime crisis. It pictures a world at its apogee but about to fall. Hardwired incorporates cheap synthesisers and electronic sounds. Especially inspired by the TV show Profit, The Company is a good example of this album’s atmosphere. 

Hardwired’s successor, War (2018), explores the progressive side of the band. Made of four ten-minute songs plus one folk tune, War is an ambitious, grandiloquent album. Long songs with an orchestral touch and a thirteen-minute grand finale:  The Rise & Fall of the Soviet Empire. There’s no modesty in it.  

Songs of Light (2019) is radically different. Even if the songs still explore long formats, they all fit bass / guitar / drums. Inspired largely by meditation, Buddhist philosophy and especially the writings of Matthieu Ricard. Songs of Light is a contemplative album centred around the theme of absence. 

Hang out with Wolf City

What’s next from Wolf City?

2020 will see the seventh LP recorded by Wolf City: Early Warning Signs of the Apocalypse, which mixes traditional music samples, hip-hop / trap music rhythms and electric noise rock guitars. Inspired by French hip-hop, this album defines itself as an afro-futuristic-indie-rock LP. The eighth LP, which keeps a similar approach with a more psychedelic vibe, is already underway.

During the Total Recall and Hardwired period, Wolf City also recorded an LP of ambient noise songs, Sonic Landscapes, a collection of abstract tracks the auditor is invited to finish by himself in a contemporary art approach. The earliest songs are compiled into an album that testify to the very beginning of Wolf City (Be Seeing You!). The seven days EP is a six-track EP written and recorded in seven days exploring the pop side of the project.

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